White – Crisp , Dry



White – Crisp , Dry

  Glass 175 ml
Bianco Veronese Pergolino

Venelo, Italy

Fresh & dry with crisp Melon and a touch of white peach on the palate, aromatic finish

£ 4.50 £ 15.95
Ctoes des Gascogne

Domaine de Saint Lannes, France

Crisp and clean as a whistle like delicate Sauvignan Blanco

  £ 18.50
Broken Rock Chenin Blanc, South Africa

Fresh, lively acid balance with hints of pineapple and citrus

  £ 20.95
Unoaked Chardonnay, Omrah Mount Barker, Australia

Soft, with melon fruit flavours

£ 4.95 £ 19.95
Pinot Grigio

Borgo dei Vassalli, Italy

Bone dry, for grownups

£ 5.25 £ 22.95
Goats do Roam White, South Africa

Yes it’s a bad pun, but this Rhone-style white has lovely floral perfumes and soft, dry palate

  £ 18.75
Chablis, Domaine Corinne Perchaud France

Steely Crisp, bone dry, Surprisngly Versatile

  £ 29.95

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