Red Wine – Fresh



Red Wine – Fresh

  Glass 175 ml
Syrah Grenache, Vdp d’Oc Embleme

D’ Argent , France

Peppery, with soft acidity and a dry finish

£ 4.50 £ 15.95
Pleno Tempranillo, Navarra, Spain

Straightforward and fruity, but quite dry

  £ 22.95
Chanti, Da vinci, Tuscany

Ripe and lively on the palate, with spiced berry fruit characters and a ronded supporting structure

  £ 17.75
Brouilly, Chateau de Pierreux, France

Bouncy black fruit with freshness and soft tannins

£ 4.95 £ 19.95
Rioja Reserva Izadi, La Rioja, Spain

Gentle hints of oak, Spice and toast,  wonderfully balanced with intense aromas of red and black fruit

£ 6.25 £ 27.95

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