Regard Card


Regard Card


The Planet Spice Regard Card

This is our way of showing our regard for your custom and can also be used to show your regard for family of friends.

Regarding your Custom

We feel that our regard for you should be tangible. With the Planet Spice Regard Card, 5% of your total spend will be credited to your card each time you dine with us, which can be used towards future dining at the restaurant.

Regarding Gifts

The Regard card can also be used as a gift card for family and friends to enjoy at Planet Spice. If the recipient enjoys the dining experience, they can continue using the card for rewards, just as you do.

Regard Card in the Future

We also want to make the Regard Card what you would like it to be. Many guests have asked about the tasting evenings we hold for new menu items, wines and cocktails and said they like to take part.

How to get the card

Please enquire at the Restaurant to obtain your card.
Please let us know how else we could express our regard for your interest at Planet Spice.

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