Traditional Dishes



Traditional Dishes

N- Traces of nuts
V-Vegetarian Hot
Choose from Chicken, Lamb , Prawns below or King Prawns. King Prawn dishes are £ 9.50 each. Not only that, all our traditional dishes are available with Tikka Marination for £1.00 extra.

Kurma Cooked in cream and coconut to produce a very mild dish £ 7.75
Medium For when you are feeling a little more adventurous £ 7.25
Madras (Hot) A well – spiced thoroughbred dish, fairly hot to taste £ 7.50
Dhansak (Hot) A Parsee dish – hot, sweet and sour with a lentil based sauce £ 8.25
Vindaloo (Very Hot) A very hot dish from Goa served with potatoes £ 7.95
Bhuna A drier than usual curry packed with spicy flavours £ 8.25
Dupeaza An elegant dish cooked with whole spices and garnished with onion £ 8.25
Rogan Josh A medium hot dish cooked with green herbs, tomatoes and served in a rich sauce £ 8.25
Sag Delicious curry of your choice cooked to perfection with lots of green spinache £ 8.25
Vegetarian Thali A section of bhai, chana masala, tarka dal, aloo gobi served with nan and basmati rice £ 12.95

N- Traces of nuts
V-Vegetarian Hot

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